Requinto Guitars from California (April 7, 2014)

At this time all requintos made in Spain and Mexico have been sold, however...

We are making 3 requintos with cutaways and 3 solid-wood narrow-nut classical guitars here in Orange County, California. These requintos and guitars are being made of old, dried woods from a workshop near Valencia, Spain. We are using the actual templates and jigs from the Spanish workshop which is now closed. I (Ron Fernandez in Irvine) am doing the set-up, final fret work, touch-up and complete French Polishing finish for the requintos. These requintos have solid cedar or spruce soundboards, solid Indian Rosewood, ebony fingerboard, ebony insert in the neck real bone nut (48mm) and real bone saddle, quality tuners, real wood binding purfling and rosettes. The list price for the French Polished requintos is $1895.

When these instruments are ready for sale I will post a video of each instrument.

Below are photos of 2 of the requintos in progress.

When applied to musical instruments, the term requinto is used in Spanish to mean a smaller, higher-pitched version of another instrument.

The requinto guitar is a six-string nylon guitar with a scale length of 530 to 555mm, this is about 18% smaller than a standard guitar scale (650 to 655mm). Nut width range from 52 to 48mm. Many requintos have cutaways. Requintos made in Mexico typically have a deeper body (115mm to 120mm) than a standard guitar (100mm to 105mm), while requintos made in Spain tend to be of the same depth as the standard classical. In Mexico, the requinto is typically used in a "trio romantico", which includes the use of two other guitars along with the requinto.

There are small, medium, and large bodied requintos. The small and medium are usually tuned: A, D, G, c, e, a. (like a guitar fretted at the 5th fret). Occasionally, one comes across a long-scale requinto--with a scale of 570 to 585mm. Such instruments should be tuned G, C, F, b flat, d, g (like the 3rd fret on a standard guitar) in order not to put too much stress on the soundboard.

Photos of discontinued Spanish requintos with laminated backs.

Esteve Requinto Model 6.04 Cutaway, spruce face

Esteve 6.04C requinto cutaway with spruce soundboard. Sold OUT

Solid cedar soundboard, rosewood fingerboard, laminated mongoy back and solid mongoy sides, deluxe tuners. 535mm scale, 21 frets with fingerboard extension over soundhole, cutaway. This is a great sounding requinto. Made in Spain. SOLD OUT

 Requinto Guitar from Esteve, photo of back back

Back of Esteve 6.04C requinto. Sold Out

In you live in California we must add 8.0% sales tax. Prices are FOB Irvine, California.

Contact us by email to check the availability of these requintos:

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