Felix Manzanero Guitars,  For Sale (from personal collection of Ron Fernandez)                              August 25, 2021

Felix Manzanero retired in 2012. He was born July, 27, 1937. He passed away on August 18, 2019

Felix Manzanero learned in the Jose Ramirez shop in the 1950's where he was considered to be one of the best makers. He established his workshop in the early 1960's in the Rastro (Thieves Market) section of Madrid. He has a splendid collection of 100 old Spanish Guitars in his shop dating back to the 18th century. I wrote an article about his collection which was published in the American Luthierie (Spring 1995). I wrote his obituary which was published in American Lutherie (Spring 2020).

I had a long relationship with Felix. In 1967 I attended summer school at the University of Madrid and I would often spend time with him. A few times we went to the pensiones in the old section of Madrid (below Plaza Mayor) where he played tangos and pasodobles on his Bandurria or Laud and I accompanied him on guitar. My father was buying guitars from Felix at the time and Felix recognized my  great interest in the guitar and asked my father permission to take me on as an apprentice. This did not happen because I was studying Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Barbara and eventually I went to graduate school at McGill University for a Ph.D. As I developed my own Spanish guitar importation business I kept in touch with Felix and he even came and stayed with me a few time here in California. He has been very open to me in explaining how he makes guitars.

Felix has made more than 1000 under his own label, those 1000 guitars do not include the guitars he made while at Jose Ramirez which have his initials "FM" stamped on the inside.

Felix Manzanero, Madrid, 1999, Classical. Guitar #984 made by Felix Manzanero. Spruce, Rosewood. This guitar I personally chose at Felix's Madrid shop on Calle Santa Ana. I had purchased it for myself but I rarely play straight classical guitar so I have decided to put it up for sale. This guitar has been in my personal collection, stored in perfect humidity near (50%)  and is in excellent physical condition. It has a great tone. I believe that I received among the best guitars Felix has made (perhaps because of my long relationship with him). Every part of this guitar was made by Felix Manzanero. This is a hand made guitar which was designed and made by one man--this is not a production guitar made by a committee.

It was made by a greatly experienced maker at the height of his ability. The rosette of each guitar is hand made, it is not a purchased factory made rosette. The woods for this instrument were dried and seasoned by Felix for several decades before beginning this guitar. By now the woods are over 50 years old. Felix use to tell me that it was essential to have old stable woods to make a great guitar. The bracing and soundboard were carefully worked by Felix to ideal flexibility/strength to achieve the unique Manzanero sound.

Since this is a very SPECIAL instrument I will NOT ship it for inspection, you must come to Anacortes, Washington. At this time (August 2021) I will consider offers over $12,000 plus Washington sales tax of 8%.  I will consider cash with a very good trade. This guitar should not to be compared with the used, dented, damaged, used-up instruments sold by dealers/individual as "Pre-owned" Guitars. It has NOT been sitting in the desert climate (such as New Mexico or Arizona) where it would get dried out This fine guitar is essentially in new condition. It was made of seasoned wood and has now been stored in in ideal humidity.

Felix Manzanero, Madrid, 1999, Flamenco. Spruce, Spanish Cypress. This guitar was hand carried from Madrid to me in California by Felix Manzanero. He brought it to me without a finish. I French Polished it and the next year he came to inspect my work. He told me that I was as good as anyone in Madrid. I did this instrument in a light colored blond shellac. I wanted to see how the color changed over the next 10 years. I found that it changed very little.

This guitar has been in my personal collection, it has been kept at a stable relative humidity of around 50% and is in excellent condition. It has the distinctive Manzanero sound. At this time it is not for sale. I have a sister instrument  which has a beautiful golden color which was lacquer finished by Felix in Spain. It is for $12,000 plus tax. I will consider cash with an interesting trade in.

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