Esteve "Electric" (Amplified) Nylon String Guitars


ABOVE: Esteve 3ECE (this model is the Esteve 3E Cutaway Electric). It is made of either African Mongoy or African Sapelli wood for the back and sides, the back is lamianbted and the sides are solid, solid cedar face, rosewood fingerboard, 52mm or 48mm nut width (52mm is standard classical width), with Fishman Prefix Pro and EQ. This is a great working musician's guitar The 48mm nut width allows steel string players to easily convert to a nylon string fingerboard, yet is not too wide for most classical guitarists, $1395.

Side view of the Fernandez Granada Cutaway Acoustic Electric


Also available are the following models:


Esteve 7CE (Previously1GR07ECE)--laminated Rosewood body, $1695

Esteve ELEC, deluxe model, Solid Indian Rosewood, ebony fingerboard & insert, cedar face, special FISHMAN pick-up system. $2995

R.Fernandez 70CE made by Esteve (Cutaway Electric) Solid Rosewood back and sides, solid cedar soundboard, ebony fingerboard, deluxe tuners, Fishman Prefix ProBlend $1995. Press here for more information

R.Fernandez 70CE-4864 made by Esteve. Same as R.Fernandez 70CE but with a 48mm nut and 640mm scale. $1995 Press here for more information.


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