Cavaquinhos from Brazil and Portugal--for sale

Cavaquinhos originally came from Continental Portugal where they had a number of names (Braquinha, Machete, Cavaquinho de Lisboa, Cavaquinho de Braga, etc.)

The Cavaquinho Brasileiro (Brazilian Cavaquinho) has a larger body and a stronger sound than the Portuguese version because its strings are tuned to higher tension. They are used in Choros, and Sambas from Brazil and Mornas from Cape Verde. The Brazilian Cavaquinho is tuned e, b, g, d or d, b, g, d (4th to 1st). Typically the string length is 340mm

At this time I have an excellent Cavaquinho handmade in Rio de Janeiro by Barros, $1800 including case.. As these are handmade instruments I do not send them for inspection, I sell them in person in Irvine, California. This instrument has a solid spruce face, solid back and sies of Faia (also spelt Faya) and ebony fingerboard.

Brazilian Style Cavaquinho made in Bolivia, $450. Case is extra.

Pictured below is a typical Cavaquinho de Braga (from Braga in Northern Portugal). This instrument does not have an elevated fingerboard.

Portuguese cavaquinhos can be tuned like a ukulele but there are also a number of other tunings: d, b, g, g (Natural) a, e, c, g (Moda velha), e,b,a,d (Afinação antiga). Prices range from $400 to $600 with a case.

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