Tres Cubanos made in Spain and in the US--For Sale

We have stock in California of 2 models of Tres Cubanos made by Esteve Guitars in Spain, one with no pick-up and the other has a Fishman amplification system. We also have one custom made Tres Cubano of Solid Spruce and Solid Indian Rosewood made in California by Germano Vazquez

The Tres Cubano is a 3-course instrument with 6 or more strings used in Cuban popular music. The tuning is typically: gG, cc, ee (3rd to 1st course). Sometimes it is tuned one full step higher: aA, dd, f#f#. Another tuning is like the 3rd, 2nd and 1st strings of the guitar: gG, bb, ee.

The Esteve workshop in Spain makes us several very nice Tres Cubanos. Presently we have a model with solid mongoy (AKA african ovankol) sides, laminated mongoy back, rosewood fingerboard. This is a fine sounding instrument and has the traditional shape. Here are the relevant dimension: 536mm actual scale length, 36mm string spacing from 1st to 6th at the nut, 43mm spacing at the saddle, width at the nut is 47mm . Lower bout 335mm, upper bout 240mm, body depth at upper bout 100mm, body depth at lower bout 105mm. The price is $1195 which includes a deluxe custom size case. We also have aTres Cubano with Fishman pick-up and EQ is $1595 case included. By special order we also get a solid rosewood model with cutaway and Fishman pickup for $3195 (price includes deluxe case).

Photo of Esteve Tres Cubano in Case


Above: Traditional Tres Cubano by Esteve (in custom case)

Esteve Tres Cuabo with Fishman Pick-up system

Tres Cubano with Fishman pick-up under saddle and EQ controls mounted on side. $1595 with deluxe custom case.

Deluxe Esteve Tres Case (only sold with the Estece Tres)

 Tres Cubano made by Germano Vazquez Rubio

Above: Solid Spruce and Soid Indian Rosewood Tres by Germano Vazquez Rubio. This tres was made for me. It is great, but I have too many instruments to play so0 i cannot devote myself to the Tres. For sale $1900 with case. SOLD

Method book and CDs for the Tres Cubano

For more information about Tres Cubano method book and CD press here.


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