"Nylon String Guitar Care" by Ronald Louis Fernandez. VHS $29.95 (53 minutes)

This video includes essential information for anyone buying, selling or owning a new or used Classical, Flamenco or Nylon String Folk Guitar. It is designed to help a retailer or consumer to improve the playability of a guitar and to protect its value.

Arranged progressively, the video starts with information for beginners--how to string up a nylon string guitar and how to tune it by ear or with an electronic tuner.

Next, essentials of care and adjustment are discussed--determining string height, adjusting the saddle for proper playing action, checking the nut slots, lubricating the machine gears, care of frets and fretboard, cleaning the finish, types of strings, types of cases, protecting from changes in temperature and humidity.

Later sections deal with matters of importance to experienced players and dealers--intonation, compensation, and slanted saddles, neck relief, finding buzzes, breaking strings, deep cleaning of dirty finishes, polishing and removing micro-scratches in the finish, highly polishing frets, replacing machine heads, flamenco tap plate application, and important player and luthier resources.

This video was written and produced by Dr. Ronald Fernandez. Ronald has imported and repaired Spanish classical and flamenco guitars for decades. His other videos French Polishing for Guitarmakers ($49.95), and Classical and Flamenco Guitarmaking with Benito Huipe ($59.95) are well-known in the guitarmaking community.

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