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Classical and Flamenco Guitarmaking with Benito Huipe by Ronald Louis Fernández, 110 minutes. Original retail was $59.95. The VHS version is now out of stock. The PAL videotape version is available at a discounted price of $25 (it will be discontinued when stock is exhausted).

Want to see and learn how classical guitars are really made? Then this video is for you! In it Benito Huipe openly shares how to make guitars in the traditional Spanish Method--with the integrated neck-body construction. And, Ron Fernández, who taped Benito's work, provides extensive commentary which demystifies the art of guitarmaking.

This is an in-depth, "hand-on", step-by-step record of making classical and flamenco guitars with hand tools.

Señor Benito Huipe (pronounced "OO-EH-PAY") was born in Paracho, the 400 year old center of Mexican guitarmaking. There he first learned his craft. After moving to California in 1971, he was exposed to great guitars and luthiers from around the world. He has incorporated their design elements and construction techniques into his own creations.

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