Specially Priced Guitars (Contact me about these instruments. I will not export them from the United States.

Fernandez Music, P.O. Box 2130, Anacortes, Washington Phone: 949-856-1537 email: ron@fernandezmusic.com      (revised July 7, 2020)

We live in Anacortes (pop. 17,000) in Washington State. Anacortes is 90 miles north of Seattle, 90 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia, and 2 hours by ferry from Sydney on Vancouver Island. Anacortes is on Fildalgo isalnd which is connected by a 1/4 mile bridge to the mainland.

I, Ron Fernandez, have personally done the set-up and fret refinement on each of these instruments. You can see what I do to each guitar at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZOqW5S1NVM

Here is a current list of special instruments (July 7, 2020)

Benito Huipe Guitar, made in Paracho, French Polished by Ronald Fernandez. (it took me 40 hours to finish this guitar over 6 month.) This is the instrument shown toward the end of of our DVD Guitarmaking with Benito Huipe.  It has characteristics of both classical and flamenco guitar. It has clear flamenco tap plates. It has a clear big sound. Spruce face, really beautiful dense Palo Escrito back and sides, ebony fingerboard. 53mm nut, 650mm scale with good Mexican case. $2700. See Video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzTH7I9xBs0

Antonio Aparicio Classical Guitars with narrow nuts. I commisioned Antonio Jr to make me several guitars and requintos when he moved to California. He made the guitars and I did the fretwork and French polish finish. I have one with a spruce soundboard and the other with cedar soundboard. 650mm scale, 48mm nut. ebony fingerboard, solid Indian rosewood back and sides. The aparicio family made thousands of guitars for various "Made in Spain" labels. Special price $1700.

Esteve Concert Guitar. India 1A.  Prototype. French Polished by Ronald Fernandez. $5800. See video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abzyNbbmmx4
See photos at: http://www.fernandezmusic.com/EsteveDeluxeClassicalGu.html

Miguel Rodriguez Flamenco Guitars, 1959 and 1967 Market Prices.  Send me an email.   See videos at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qaw-KO7fX84

Eugene Clark Flamenco $12,000

Aparicio 19th century model, French Polished by Ron Fernandez ,$3500


Octave Guitar with case by Esteve. $1495 See: http://www.fernandezmusic.com/OctaveGuitar.html

Portuguese guitarra (Coimbra model) by German Vazquez and finished by Ronald Fernandez. $5000

Portuguese guitarra (Lisboa style) by João Palmeiro, $5000

Rajao, Portuguese 5 string "ukulele" with metal strings. $600

Portuguese soprano  ukulele with "sound port". $300

Italian Guitar, 19th Century. $1000.

Cavaquinho, Brazilian style. Deluxe. $1800

Spanish Laud made by Esteve with case $1195. See videos at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2F70BC4tZg

Concert UKE by Kenny Hill. $800

Kiwaya Ukes, sopranos, concerts. Various prices. $625 to $2000. Contact me for stock.

I am no longer exporting any instruments from the United States. While global shipping has greatly improved, other serious complications have emerged such as credit card fraud, new customs difficulties, shipping damage/liability. These problems make the risks too great.

As I have mentioned in other places on my website, I am semi-retired and therefore I am not longer selling to stores. However, I still have stock of certain items. Some items are first quality, some have cosmetic defects and I am therefore selling as seconds. I intend to continue handling certain items such as charangos, some ukuleles, a limited number of fine Spanish flamencos and classicals, refurnished Portuguese guitars and some other ethnic instruments.

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If you have any questions, email me: ron@fernandezmusic.com

Ron Fernandez, Fernandez Music. P. O. Box 2130, Anacortes, Washington Phone: 949-856-1537