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Ron Fernandez, owner of the Fernandez Music, has been an authorized importer of Esteve Guitars for the United States since the early 1990s.

Esteve Guitars (Guitarras Francisco Esteve, S.A.) are totally made in Spain in Alboraya, a Mediterranean town outside of Valencia. (this page was publishedSeptember 3, 2015).

We are now "somewhat retired". As of September 2017 We have:  an Esteve Octave guitar with case  Esteve 3E, Esteve India 1A (French Polished), Alhambra 11C (refurnished),  Benito Huipe Paolo Escrito Flamenco, Sanchis short scale "Torres" models. I do not have any Esteve 8, 9C/B or Esteve 11.

All ESTEVE GUITARS have solid tops, real wood purfling and bindings and traditional Spanish integrated neck-body construction. Mid-range and upper end models have all solid wood back and sides and ebony fingerboards. Each guitar imported and distributed by Fernandez Music has a real bone saddle, real bone nut, deluxe tuners and are set-up for best playability by Ron Fernandez in California. See the photo essay on our custom set-up at the start of our web site.

Esteve Guitars , Manuel Adalid Models and Juan Hernandez Guitars are made in different parts of the same workshop in Alboraya, Spain. In addition to these 3 proprietary lines of guitars, the Esteve workshop produces custom guitars for a number of well-known Madrid guitars companies; such guitars are sold as mid-range "house" guitars under the labels of other Spanish companies. Indeed, the Esteve workshop is highly regarded by the guitarmaking community in Spain.

An important note about: Country of Origin and Guitars which are actually "Made in Spain"

In recent years a number of companies have been importing classical and flamenco guitars in China or other Asia countries. Sometimes such companies have names that sound Spanish in that they are Spanish surnames or Spanish place names. Such non-Spanish guitars should be judged on the merits of their sound, playability, and appearance, but it seems unethical for importers to trade on the prestige of Spain and the Spanish guitarmaking tradition. It is unfair to mislead consumers by using Spanish names and places and to not display the actual origin of the guitar on the instrument. A genuine Spanish guitar will say "Made in Spain" on the guitar in a visible place, usually it will be on the label inside of the guitar. The reader can find current information about Country of Origin labeling on Google under "US Customs Country of Origin" and similar phrases. It is a federal law in the United States that imported items be properly marked as to country of origin. At this time in history classical and flamenco guitars which are actually made in Spain have higher re-sale value than guitars made in Asia or Latin America. I suggest that you protect your investment and buy a real Spanish guitar (a guitar actually made in Spain), not one that only has a Spanish sounding name.

Established in 1957 by Francisco Esteve, Manuel Adalid Sr., and Antonio Monfort, the Esteve workshop currently employs several dozen artesans who handmake guitars, laudes, bandurrias, and mandolins. Since its inception the Esteve workshop has followed traditional construction methods. All of their guitars are handmade by the Spanish method which includes an integrated neck-body construction and fan bracing. All the woods used in this workshop have been carefully dried. Dried wood is essential for a good, stable instrument. The attention to quality shows in all of their models from their student guitars through their deluxe concert classicals. For many years, Esteve guitars have won awards for their beauty and sound. In 1999, once again they were awarded the Premio a la ArtesanĂ­a (Artisan's Prize) in Valencia, a city of many excellent guitarmakers. Currently, the Esteve business is run by Manuel Adalid, Jr. , the son of one of the original partners. Manuel Jr. has decades of hands-on experience in this trade. In addition to managing the business of the workshop, he even personally travels to Asia, and the Americas in search of quality woods and attends several trade shows each year. Manuel Adalid Jr. and his son are actively involved in designing the guitars coming from this fine workshop.

Francisco Esteve, one of the founders of Guitarras Esteve
Manuel Adalid, Jr., Director of Esteve Guitars

Classical Guitars by Esteve (Esteve is pronounced Eh-ste-veh) - 2015 Retail Prices (see Special Deal at:

All Esteve Children's Guitars are sold out and we will not be importing any more.

R. Fernandez 40 by Esteve, solid cedar face, laminated mongoy back and sides, upgraded tuners, bone saddle & nut, rosewood fingerboard with deluxe tuners. 52mm nut width, 650mm scale (these are the standard dimensions for our classical guitars), Retail $650 SOLD OUT.

R.Fernandez 40 Esteve Guitar

 Above: Face, back and head of R.Fernandez 40 made by Esteve.

Measuring 52mm nut width of Esteve R.Fernandez 40 Guitar

Photo of the 52mm nut width (about 2"). This is the standard nut width.

R. Fernandez 40-4864 by Esteve (narrow neck, short scale), retail $695. Same features as the R. Fernandez 40 (cedar face, African mongoy back and sides, rosewood fingerboard, deluxe tuners) but with 48mm nut and 640mm scale. The neck on this guitar is slightly shorter than a standard guitar (which has a 650mm scale) but it can be tuned to standard guitar tuning because it is not too short. The shorter scale and narrow nut makes this a good guitars for people with smaller hands, players who are use to steel string guitar dimensions and players with normal size hands who have trouble stretching their fingers. $695 SOLD OUT

Measuring 48mm nut wdith of Esteve Guitar

48mm nut width of the R.Fernandez 40-4864 (about 1-7/8"). This is a narrow width.

"Fernandez Valencia" by Esteve, solid spruce soundboard, laminated African sapelli mahogany), dark wood binding, rosewood fingerboard, with deluxe tuners, $650. SOLD OUT The design and dimensions of the Fernandez Valencia are just like the R. Fernandez 40--the difference between the 2 models is the wood used for the face and body.

Spruce Soundboard Fernandez Valencia Classical Guitar

Photos of "Fernandez Valencia" Model. Spruce soundboard, sapelli back and sides

Esteve 3E Guitar Previously 1GR3E

Esteve 3E (previously 1GR3E), Solid Spruce soundboard, laminated African Mongoy (Ovankol), dark wood purflings front and back, rosewood fingerboard, deluxe tuners. Retail $795.

Esteve 3E (previously 1GR3E) Solid Cedar soundboard, laminated African Sapele back and sides, dark wood purflings front and back, rosewood fingerboard, deluxe tuners Retail $795.

Esteve R.Fernandez 60 Guitar Cedar soundboard

Above: Esteve/R. Fernandez 60 solid cedar or spruce soundboard, laminated Indian rosewood back and sides, rosewood fingerboard, fine rosette, bordered string tie bock, deluxe tunersIt has dark and light purling around the face edge. The back has no ornamental line in the center of the back, it has no light wood purfling only a dark wood binding around the edge. This is a lightly braced guitar and is easy to play. For $35 I will apply clear plastic tap plates which will make it suitable for playing flamenco. Retail list price is $895  SOLD OUT

Solid wood models from Esteve (back and sides of solid wood, ebony fingerboard, solid spruce or cedar top)

Esteve R. Fernandez 70 guitar Cedar face Solid Indian RosewoodPhoto of back of R.Fernandez 70 Guitar

Esteve/R. Fernandez 70, Solid cedar soundboard, solid Indian Rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard, upgraded tuners, bone saddle and nut, the body is about 5/8" wider than the laminated back model, lightly braced, 5 fan strut bracing no chevron stiffing braces at the bottom of the lower bout. This bracing system makes the soundboard a littl more flexible and therefore give the guitar good response and an easy feel. Sold Out

Esteve/R.Fernandez 70-4864 (narrow 48mm nut and short 640mm scale). This model has the same woods and bracing system as the Esteve/R.Fernandez 70 but the nut is narrower and the scale is slightly shorter. Sold Out

R. Fernandez 70-4864 Guitar Cutaway short scale narrow nut

R. Fernandez 70-5265 Cutaway (also labelled as R.Fernandez 70 Cut) with 52mm nut, 650mm scale. Sold Out

SOLD OUT. R. Fernandez 70-4864 Cutaway with 48mm nut, 640mm scale, $1695. Same as the R. Fernandez 70-5265 Cutaway but with a 48mm narrow nut and 640mm short scale.  SOLD OUT. See video about this guitar in a private section of YouTube at:

For more photos and information about R.Fernandez Models, press here: R.Fernandez Guitar Models

Photo of Esteve 8 Classical GuitarBack of Esteve 8 Classical Guitar

Photo of Rosette of Esteve 8 Classical Guitar

Esteve 8, solid cedar soundboard, solid Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard, neck reinforced with ebony insert, traditional Antonio Torres wood fan bracing, real bone nut and saddle, fine wood (not plastic) purfling on face and back, deluxe tuners, Call for price. SOLD OUT

How do the the Esteve/R.Fernandez 70 and the Esteve 8 models compare? Both have solid wood soundboard, solid wood back and sides and an ebony fingerboard. Both have real bone nut and saddle, both have the same deluxe tuners. bothe have the same head design and the same dimensions. The Esteve 8 has an ebony insert in the neck, and wood purfling around bothe the face and back--the R.Fernandez 70 has only wood purfling around the face. The Esteve has a 5 strut fan bracing plus 2 chevron stiffing braces at the bottom of the soundboard. The R.Fernandez has a 5 strut bracing system but without the 2 chevron stiffening braces. What does this mean? It means that the Esteve has a slightly stiffer soundboard and therefore more of a "classical" sound and string feel. The R.Fernandez has a slightly more flexible soundboard which is more towardflamenco, bossa nova, fusion or jazz styles.

Esteve/Manuel Adalid models

Esteve/Manuel Adalid 9C/B replaced the 9C--it has some wooden and some carbon fiber fan bracing. This is a bracing system designed by Manuel Adalid Jr. Many customers feel that this new bracing system makes the guitar louder. $1595 with case with my set-up and fret dressing. SOLD OUT.


Manuel Adalid 9CB previously Esteve 1GR9C

Photo of Esteve 9CB--Solid cedar face and solid rosewood back & sides.

See the next section, Esteve Deluxe Classical Guitars, for more refined models.

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