Esteve Deluxe Classical Guitars: Manuel Adalid Models (9CB, 11, 11F, Adalid, India 1A)

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Above: The Esteve/Manuel Adalid 9CB--this model has a combination of wood and carbon bracing. The carbon braces are very strong they are placed under the joint of the soundboard, this makes the soundboard stiffer longitudinally which increases the projection of the high frequencies. $1595 with case with my set-up and fret dressing.

Above is the Esteve/Manuel Adalid 11F (Black Flamenco) with clear plastic tap plate. The Esteve 11 is visually the same model but without a tap plate. SOLD OUT

The Esteve/Manuel Adalid 11 is made in a classical and a flamenco model. The 11 is the classical model and the 11F is a rosewood flamenco model--the rosewood flamenco is also known as a flamenca negra (black flamenco). The model 11 has more refined ornamentation than the 9CB--the 11s have a distinctive head design, string block design, purfling, rosette and machine heads. The bracing system of the 11s is a modified fan bracing which combines both wood and carbon bracing. Carbon bracing is stronger than the wood bracing and therefore is used in bracing areas of the soundboard which need added stiffness. By making certain areas of the soundboard stiffer it is possible to produce a louder sound. The bracing system of the 11 and 11F is a bit more complex than the 9CB. In order to achieve a flamenco feel and sound, the 11F is more lightly braced than the 11 which is braced for classical music. The 11F model is typically imported with a spruce soundboard. The 11 is imported with either a cedar or a spruce soundboard There are clear plastic tap plates (golpeadores) installed on this flamenco guitar. SOLD OUT

Manuel Adalid 11Classical Guitar from Esteve. Solid cedar soundboard, premium Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard, ebony insert in the neck, fine wood purfling, real bone, nut and saddle, special machine tuners, special head design, wood fan bracing. This is a fine sounding and playable guitar. SOLD OUT

The Adalid is named after Manuel Adalid Senior one of the owners of the Esteve workshop. This is a world class concert guitar in terms of projection, tone, sustain, balance, materials, and playability. The back and sides are made of OLD Amazonas Rosewood (Dalbergia Spuceana), the soundboard is Western Red Cedar. I can offer a special example of this guitar from my private reserve which was made in 1999. This is a unique example of the best from the Esteve/Adalid workshop; it was made while Manuel Adalid Senior was still alive and supervising the workshop. It was made from a very fine set of old wood. The current Adalid models are made of Cocobolo or Madagascar Rosewood (I do not sell instrument made of cocobolo or Madagascar rosewood because of international CITES restriction on those woods). This guitarra has a French Polished finish which I completed. I put this guitar away from my standard inventory because I thought it was very special. I wanted to see how it would age. It has been keep scratch free. This instrument has been stored in very good humidity condition (always close to 50% relative humidity.This is a concert level instrument with good action for a good player. It has genuine Fustero gold plated tuners. $4750 or OBO. For sale in US only.

This specific guitar (number 84, signed) made in 1999 is quite different and not to be confused with the recent Adalid model offered on the internet which sell for $3950. This guitar has genuine hand-engraved Fustero tuners (these are the real thing, Mr. Fustero is now retired so there are no more from his workshop); it has OLD beautiful Dalbergia Spruceana wood NOT Cocobolo (which is too heavy) nor NEW Madagascar Rosewood; it has an innovative bridge design which makes the soundboard more flexible; it has finely tuned traditional all wood bracing (no experimental carbon bracing); it has final French Polish, precision fret dressing and string action set-up by Ron Fernandez, it was made under Manuel Adalid Senior who died several years ago. Manuel Adalid Senior was an original partner with Francisco Esteve in 1958.

Above: The Adalid, Number 84, 1999, from Fernandez Private reserve. This is a very fine concert model.

Esteve 1A India

Above: Esteve India 1A. Cedar face, Indian Rosewood back and sides, ebony Fingerboard, French Polished (by Ron Fernandez), a world-class concert guitar. Genuine FUSTERO gold plated hand engraved tuner (these are the real thing, Fustero is now retired) .This guitar is from my private reserve. I kept this instrument (one of the first of this model) to see how it would age. This is an easy to play guitar which has a vibrant rich sound. This guitar has a sound which you can not only hear but you can feel as you play it--some luthiers call this quality "presence". $4900 OBO. For sale in US only.

The late Manuel Adalid Senior was one of the founders of Guitarras Francisco Esteve. His son Manuel Adalid Junior has run the Esteve workshop for 2 decades. As the director of the Esteve workshop he has designed new models and redesigned the standard models. There are several Adalid models.These guitars have been designed by Manuel Adalid Junior--the director of the Esteve workshop since the early 1990s.

The Manuel Adalid models are under the Esteve master label. These guitars have been designed by Manuel Adalid Junior. These guitar range from all-solid wood models intended for the serious amateur and working professional to deluxe world class concert intended for the concert stage.

Fernández Music is an authorized importer of Esteve Guitars for the United States.Esteve Guitars imported and distributed by Fernández Music are inspected, detailed, and set-up for best playability personally by Ron Fernández in California. They also include a one year limited warranty from Fernández Music.

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